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Hello and welcome to Wholesome and Savory Eats!  My name is Leslyn (Les).   I am a Psychotherapist/ Clinical Social Worker professionally and owner, recipe developer, writer and budding photographer for Wholesome and Savory Eats.  

I’m a NYC girl living in the borough of Queens.  I have a love affair with cooking and chocolate (who doesn’t?).  I’ve been cooking since leaving home for college many moons ago and I now cook for my family which includes my husband and my mom.  They are also my recipe taste testers (good or bad) lol, but they are they are the best.  I couldn’t do it without them.  

As a psychotherapist, I often engage my clients in conversations around healthy eating habits as it can have an overall effect on a person’s total well being.   I take my love affair for healthy cooking and eating habits everywhere I go as it is a true passion for me.

I can’t forget our four- legged member of the family, our Maine Coon, Madame.  She is such a sweetheart and my kitchen companion.  She watches my every move, without getting underfoot, poised and waiting to see if any treats come her way.  😉


I am a vegetarian that occasionally eats fish and eggs.  I gave up eating red meats and chicken 12 years ago and never looked back.  It was a choice that I made to reduce my cholesterol levels and the indigestion I often endured after eating meats.  

I am also unable to tolerate milk and as a result I have altered my eating habits to eliminate it from my diet.  My tummy and my body thanks me for the change.  My family eats meat so I will often cook meat dishes and pair them with my vegetarian meals, so meal preparations are a win win for all of us.  

Wholesome and Savory Eats was born out of my love for cooking, healthy eating, a desire to share my recipes with everyone and to have an opportunity to meet like minded individuals.  I have no professional training in cooking, just skills I picked up along the way.

My recipes feature healthy vegetarian, vegan, gluten- free and a few Paleo friendly meals which include fish and eggs.  

I’m not much of a baker, however I am practicing with gluten free flours to get better at it.  If I create something I like and you can benefit from it, I will share it.  My recipes will often show a visual and written step by step process, as I truly believe that we all learn in different ways.  

Wholesome and Savory Eats is a personal journey for me in the world of food blogging and creating healthy eating options.  I hope to share my cooking skills, tricks and tips with you while having some fun along the way.   I hope you enjoy the recipes.   I would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to comment, contact or follow me.  



*Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a medical or nutrition professional.   I would happily answer any questions based on my personal experiences, opinions and research.   I am not qualified to give you personal advice about medical conditions or dietary changes.   Please consult a licensed physician or a qualified Nutritionist.

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